Thursday, 4 July 2013

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Ingredients: 100g medium-sized potatoes, 100g sweet potatoes, 100g white radish, 100g drumsticks, 100g plantains, 100g broad beans, 100g small bitter gourd, 100g brinjal, unpeeled, 2 tbsp mustard oil, 12 small matar dal bori(nuggets), 2 tsp ginger paste, 1 tsp black mustard paste, 1/2 tsp carom seed paste, 2 1/2 c water, Salt to taste, 2 bay leaves, 1/2 tsp ghee (optional), 2 tbsp milk, Roasted panch phoron (fenugreek, kalonji, cumin seed, radhuni or celery seed and fennel) 

1. Peel and cut lengthwise into 1 1/2 -inch pieces  of the potatoes, sweet potatoes, white radish, drumsticks, plantains, broad beans, small bitter gourd and brinjal. 

2. Heat the mustard oil to smoke in wok. Reduce heat and fry the bori. Remove from pan and keep aside. 

3. Saute the two kinds of potatoes, the drumsticks and bitter gourd in the same oil for 3 minutes over medium heat. 

4. Add the rest of the vegetables and pour over the ginger paste, black mustard paste and carom seed paste mixed in the water and strained through a fine muslin strainer. 

5 .Add salt to taste, cover and cook until the vegetables are done. 

6. Add the boris, bay leaves and the ghee, cook for another 2 minutes. 

7. Add the milk, cover and remove from heat. 

8. Serve at room temperature, after sprinkling roasted panch phoron powder on it. 

Nutritional info per serving: 180Kcal, 6.5g pro, 25g carb, 8g fibre, 215mg sodium, 7g fat, 1g sat fat.


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