Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Love Benefits

Love Benefits

1. Reduces stress
When in an intimate relationship, the adrenaline glands produce dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) hormone that acts as a stress buster. A passionate relationship relieves tension, reduces negative energy and produces a sense of well being.

2. Promotes mental health
The calming effect of dehydroepiandrosterone over the mind and body raises the growth of nerves. It is also helpful in restoring the growth of nerves which results in an improved memory recall.

3. Anti cancer effect
Married people have been found to have lower cancer rates than singles. 

4. Reduces pain
A study of 127,000 adults confirmed that married people were less likely to complain of headaches and back pain. The happier the marriage, the greater the effect.
The reduced stress level also leads to pain relief, especially if you suffer from things such as chronic headaches.

5. Better blood circulation
When talking to someone it finds attractive, your brain sends impulses to the heart making it pound faster than normal; this results in increased blood supply to the body, improved circulation and efficient working of all organs.

6. Live longer
A study confirmed that married people live longer because they feel loved and connected as oppose to the isolated ones.Another study found that married people have shorter average hospital stays and fewer doctor's visits. 
Also, marriage contributes to a decline in drug abuse and heavy drinking, especially among young adults.

7. Lowers blood pressure
According to a study in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, happily married people had the best blood pressure as compared to singles or unhappily married people.

8. Reduced risk of heart diseases
Expressing your feelings of affection can reduce cholesterol levels. Human Communication Research found that people who expressed their feelings of affection for significant friends, relatives, and/or romantic partners had significantly lower cholesterol levels than those that didn't.

9. Faster healing
Researchers found that wounds heal faster in people who are in a loving relationship. According to the study, the blister wounds healed nearly twice as fast in couples who were happy and calm compared to those who appeared hostile or depressed.
Researchers also found that people who are in love are less likely to get sick by the viruses of cold and flu.

10. Forever young
Dehydroepiandrosterone also acts as an 'anti-aging' hormone, which produces feelings of youth and vitality. Adding to that, the increase blood flow to the skin due to the endorphins produced by the body when in love, helps keep it soft and smooth, and reduce the development of wrinkles. 

Love is much more than just genes, chemicals and hormones. So if you are a person who is very much conscious about health and wellness, learn to love deeply and sincerely. If you want to live longer then learn to love harder!



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