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4 Sexy and Unusual Ways to Lose Weight

4 Sexy and Unusual Ways to Lose Weight

 It may seem hard to take out time to hit the gym for a workout session. But how many of you are aware of some “naughty ways” to melt those extra kilos? Here, discover some of the most unusual and sexy ways that can help you in losing weight.

Get ready and indulge in these sexy-sins to say goodbye to your weight issues forever.

Kissing Burns Calories!

Showing affection through kissing is not just good for your relationship, but is excellent for your waistline also. On an average, kissing can burn around 2-5 calories per minute; however, a vigorous kiss can raise the ‘calorie’ meter further.  Many studies claim that while kissing, if you reach a point where both of you are breathing heavily, it's a sign that you are burning more calories. So, just inject some passion in your kiss to melt those pounds faster.

Sexy tip: Try kissing in unusual positions. You can burn more calories, if you are standing than sitting, and more moving than still.

Other sexy benefits of kissing:

    Kissing lowers cholesterol and decreases high blood pressure.
   An intense kiss requires almost all face muscles. So, kissing tones up your facial muscles and helps in fighting wrinkles.

Sex Diet

Yes, the sexiest mantra to lose that extra flab- Lots of Sex! Almost all muscles including the legs, shoulders and lower abdomen are worked upon during a session of love-making. On an average a half hour of sex burns about 200 calories. However, if you turn some basic exercises into foreplay, you can firm up your problem areas too. So, engage yourselves in moves like "love squats" to tone up your body.

Sexy tip: Incorporate sex in different positions to enhance its exercise effects.

Elvis-Pelvis Exercise:

Stand naked facing your partner and press your pelvises together for balance. Raise your arms to the ceiling and lean back while maintaining pelvic contact. Hold for three seconds, repeat five times. (You can refer Kerry McCloskey’s, the Ultimate Sex Diet book for more such exercises).

Learning the art of ‘Undressing’ can also help you shed those kilos. Unhooking a bra with two hands burns up to 8 calories whereas doing it with one hand can burn up to 18 calories. Amazed? Don’t be! Here is another twist in the tale; according to an Italian researcher, if a man unhooks a bra using his mouth, he can burn up to 87 calories in the process. Now isn’t that interesting and easy? So, all you guys out there, now you certainly know where to begin your action from.

Sexy tip: Play a game with your partner where you both have to undress each other but without using your hands. It will be fun, sexy and great for your body.

Love Squats
This one is for all the new moms out there who are struggling to lose their post-pregnancy weight. Now, you can keep your legs in shape by doing some love squats using your toddler as a weight. Since it is very difficult to take out time for exercise after you have a baby, this is the best way to lose that extra flab from your body. Enjoy the giggles of your baby while exercising and start shedding your weight.

Exercises you can do: Baby squats, baby twists, baby chest presses.

Caution: Only do these exercises with a baby who has complete head control and who is fully capable of controlling his own body. 

Useful Tip: For your convenience, here is a video which you may find helpful in your workout:


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