Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lenovo Will Enter US Smartphone Sector

Lenovo Will Enter US Smartphone Sector

The hardware giant is already known for making significant inroads in the Chinese smartphone market. However, Lenovo hasn’t done much to capture Western markets and therefore plans to change the current situation in the nearest future.

Today European and American users know Lenovo only from laptops the company manufactures. According to the company’s CEO Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo can enter the market of the United States as soon as in 2014. Yang Yuanqing recognizes smartphones as the company’s new opportunity. He also believes that Lenovo is very serious about the market, because the latter is regarded as a potential source of long-term growth. It sure is, but the things are a bit more complicated. Of course, the industry representatives realize that capturing the American market will not be very easy, because it’s more competitive than China.

Nevertheless, Lenovo is going to introduce new high-end smartphones in China, trying to break Samsung’s and Apple’s dominance in the top consumer market. For example, Lenovo’s latest smartphone, the K900, is sold at over $500 in China. This is how Lenovo hopes to lure away more affluent consumers tending to purchase Samsung and Apple phones. The company’s Senior Vice President Liu Jun also told during the interview that Lenovo wants to find itself the top smartphone vendor in the region within a couple of years – i.e., by 2016. In the meanwhile, a lot of industry experts believe that it won’t limit its high-end push to China. So, nobody will be surprised if the first Lenovo high-end phones tip up in the EU and the United States as soon as just in a few years or even months!



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