Saturday, 8 June 2013

Samsung Announced 5G Breakthrough

Samsung Announced 5G Breakthrough

While most countries across the globe are still struggling to get 4G widely available, Samsung announced that it made a major breakthrough at the core of 5G – the next generation of mobile communications.

Samsung recently wrote in its blog that the company has built the innovative adaptive array transceiver which can work in the millimeter-wave Ka bands for mobile communications. This is a breakthrough which would eventually result in data transmission several hundred times faster than 4G networks.

This technology is many years off before becoming available, but 5G is claimed to let subscribers enjoy data transmission speeds of tens of Gbps per base station. In other words, on an unclogged network it will allow ultra speedy wireless downloads.

In the meanwhile, a large range of frequencies are required to run a 5G cellular network, and the tech community is thus far quite skeptical about using millimeter-wave bands for long distances. However, Samsung says that its latest breakthrough has proved successful, as the transceiver managed to transmit data through the millimeter-wave band at a speed of 1 Gbps over 2 kilometers. Samsung assures that its adaptive array transceiver can help get around radio propagation losses at the millimeter wave bands.

The company is sure that it will be able to commercialize the adaptive array transceiver and other 5G technologies by 2020. This schedule is in line with that of the European Union, as its investment targets are also set at delivering usable 5G technology by 2020. At the moment, much of the world still lives with 3G networks, even in countries where 4G is already available. 



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