Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Anti-Piracy Device Developed for Cinemas

New Anti-Piracy Device Developed for Cinemas

Anti-piracy groups may be interested in using a new tool developed by a 30-year-old Indian software engineer. The innovative device meant to spot when people are using their cutting-edge smartphones or handy cameras to record video in theatres.

The developer, Varghese Babu, spent 3 years on creating his invention. However, the price of the device ($27,000) wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of piracy. Though, it can of course mean the end of Babu’s poverty. The developer called the tool “Demolish Duplica”. Basically, it is a hardware unit located in movie theatres. Once anyone tries to camcord a movie, the hardware unit recognizes the equipment used and stops the recording. In the meanwhile, an alert is sent to a server and the anti-piracy cell of police.

The developer explained that his tool can record the serial number of the smartphone or the handycam, along with the details of the location from where the recording was being done. This information can then be accessed by the authorities. The abilities of the new tool also include track tampering of the film during the editing process.

When the developer was asked whether there are any other similar products on the market, he claimed that had there been any other similar tool available, there would have been no pirated versions available of new movies. Varghese Babu also claimed that he had been receiving inquiries from the entertainment industry and now he was completing the formalities for getting the tool patented. In the meanwhile, the US industry experts express doubts in efficiency of such devices in American theatres. Well, it all depends on the MPAA’s decision, of course.



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